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Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab (CLTL)
VU University Amsterdam
Department Language, Cognition and Communication
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Keywords: computational linguistics, (biomedical) text mining, modeling semantic tasks, processing extra-propositional aspects of meaning (attribution, modality, negation, factuality), semantic role labeling, extraction of semantic relations, machine learning.

Research interests

My general interest is deep text understanding by machines. I apply supervised and unsupervised techniques to semantics-oriented natural language processing tasks at sentence, document and multi-document level. My main research focus is on processing extra-propositional aspects of meaning, such as modality, factuality, attribution, or negation. I am now working on processing perspectives.

Current position

I am a member of the CLTL Lab at the VU University Amsterdam. I work on the project Understanding of Language by Machines directed by Prof Dr. Piek Vosssen, which is divided into four subprojects. I am responsible with Dr. Tommaso Caselli for subproject 3, Stories and world views as a key to understanding language. This subproject builds on the NewsReader project.

In this project, the interpretation of news text is considered to be an aspect of humans' dealing with the changing world around them. The project starts from the assumption that humans evaluate the changes with a world-view in mind, which can be positive and/or negative towards the here and now, and towards the future. The changes are considered as long-term stories along human intentions and goals, with actors that are divided along a dimension of good and bad. Stories are told from someone's perspective, who might report, implicitly or explicitly, on other perspectives. Stories are subjective by nature, since they are always told from someone's perspective. Additionally, stories might not always contain factual information.

In this setting, a key issue to interpreting the news is disentangling the perspectives about the same event contained in different news sources, and analyzing how the perspectives change along a timeline. In order to address this I study linguistic phenomena such as attribution, modality, evidentiality, factuality, veridicity, hedging, or negation, as well as phenomena related to discourse and rethorical structure. My goal is to build a computational model of perspectives.


Senior researcher at the research lab CLiPS directed by Prof. Dr. Walter Daelemans at the University of Antwerp.

Postdoctoral researcher at the research group ILK directed by Prof. Dr. Antal van den Bosch at Tilburg University.

Researcher at the dialogue group led by Prof. Dr. Harry Bunt at Tilburg University.

Computational linguist at Sail Labs Barcelona.

Research assistant at the Linguistics Department, University of Barcelona.

Visiting scholar at the Linguistics Department, University of California, Berkeley.